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    Aerial Multi-Spectral Challenges

Spectacular Multi-Spectral Cameras

Agrowing's modified Multi-Spectral SONY QX1

Agricultural remote sensing requires accurate NDVI analysis. Narrow spectral bands camera is a must for NDVI. Agrowing upgraded the Sony Alpha E-Mount camera to answer this need.

Agrowing brings the lightest (335 gr) and most efficient, high resolution (8.5 MP x 4 bands) multi-spectral cameras to the market at affordable prices, based on its patent pending technology. Agrowing's Multi-Spectral for E-Mount SONY cameras enables higher 10.2 MP x 4 Spectral Bands resolutiom when using SONY's Alpha 6000 Camera.

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SONY multispectral camera

Agrowing's interchangable Dual-Lenses Patent-Pending technology, takes advantage of the excellent QX1 APS-C large sensor and turns it into a multi-spectral one, through camera modification and Agrowing's digital calibration and alignment of the spectral bands. The lens distortion is <1% allowing NDVI analysis without a need for image pre-processing.

Low weight, Perfect results

Agricultural remote Sensing.

With an amazing low 335 gr. weight, the camera is by far the state-of-the-art Multi-Spectral Aerial camera.


It is optimized for Agricultural remote sensing. Spectral bands can be customized according to customer's needs. Agrowing's approach is plain and simple: Enhnace the best!


Using a full spectrum Sony's lenslike QX1 camera enables highest level of integration and quality.


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Agrowing multi-spectral camera
Precision Farming Multi-Spectral Camera

From image to NDVI in 1 click

Multi-Spectral Camera

By integrating Your Drone or Software Suite with the Agrowing Multi-Spectral Camera high resolution NDVI and other indexes can be calculated. Camera integration with any analyzing system and/or software is smooth, swift and immediate.


The SDK includes the following:

  • Alignment of all color channels

  • Separation of all color channels

  • NDVI and other indexes

  • Selecting/adding/customizing NDVI palettes

  • Selecting NDVI calculation range

  • Creating blobs

  • Extracting a pre-defined area of interest

  • Windows application (including source-code)


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High Resolution NDVI

Accurate Alignment.

Agrowing has devised an effective way of showing the advantage of the camera's digital calibration. In the samples below two lenses are used. Lens 1 captures narrow RGB channles while Lens 2 captures narrow Green and NIR channels. The RGB bands are perfectly aligned as they are captured through single lens.

High resolution NDVI can be calculated by integrating the Agrowing camera with any analyzing system and/or software.

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Precision farming Multi-spectral Camera

Perfect for the Matrice 100

Ready to fly within 5 seconds.

The Complete AgroSENSE Drone Solution includes a ready-to-fly DJI Matrice 100 with the modified Sony QX1 Camera safely clipped to the mount devised by Analist Group. Assembling the camera under the Matrice 100 is simple and intuitive, just clip it to the base to secure it to the drone. The 335 gr weight of the camera is the ideal payload for the Matrice 100 as it does not compromise in anyway flight performance, stability and time.

The modified Sony QX1 camera is mounted in addition to the Zenmuse Z3 RGB camera supplied with the Matrice 100. Both cameras perform magnificiently allowing for different survey types: photogrammetric, topographic, multi-spectral without the need to change sensor. Request information ►

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Technical Details ►

  • Agrowing 003
  • Agrowing 001
  • Agrowing 006
  • Agrowing 004
  • Agrowing 002
  • Agrowing 005
  • Agrowing 007

Easy Workflow

Plan > Acquire > NDVI Analysis.

The AgroSENSE complete Solution enables users to attain accurate results in reduced time spams. Operations are intuitive and immediate. Processing times are reduced drastically in order to attain the information on crop and vegetation health in the shortest time as interventions are required promptly. From the flight to the Professional NDVI Index Report in real time.

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Technical Details ►

AgroSENSE Workflow
SONY App Playmemories


Previewing on your mobile device.

Adjust the camera settings with Sony PlayMemories App, available  for iOS and Android on the App store or on Google Play, choose among different shooting modes, and preview directly on your device. Imagery acquisition is automatic with the flight performed with Matrice 100.


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Analist CLOUD Module.

Process the data with Analist CLOUD thanks to the new revolutionary AgroSENSE module, which seaminglessly integrates the advanced Agrowing technology with Analist allowing the immediate creation of detailed reports on crop health.


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img Analist 650 AgroSense

How to generate an NDVI index with AgroSENSE

  • How to generate an NDVI index with AgroSENSE

AgroSENSE: advanced multi-spectral analysis Software

Immediate NDVI for prompt corrective actions.

AgroSENSE responds to the need for immediate feedback from the field. The response is immediate for the farmer to take action. AgroSENSE provides the NDVI index and automatically generates the Professional Report with a grid with the information on: the analyzed zones, suspicious situations together with the identification of the problematic areas. It is colour coded, clear, simple and immediate.

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Agrosense multispectral software

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