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Solutions for Traffic Accident Reconstruction

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accident reconstruction


accident reconstruction drone

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accident full 3d reconstruction


accident full 3d reconstruction video

How it works

  • Accident Reconstruction with the DRONE (1 picture)
  • Traffic car accident reconstruction Solution

The new innovative Solution for traffic car accident Reconstruction and Investigation

The Complete Solution for all Police Forces.

Analist Group has started testing an innovative reconstruction method with the local police forces, a Complete Solution has been devised to reconstruct and measure car accidents. Investigating a traffic accident requires a fine balance between two competing demands – the requirement for collecting thorough, lasting evidence and the need to reopen roads as soon as possible allowing traffic to flow again. Analist Group provides a full range of aerial intelligence (video and photography) that gives the first responders and investigation teams the tools and evidence they need to reduce the time and resources it takes to collect data, clear the site and get the roadway open again. Car accident investigation will never be the same again!

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Watch an accident 3D model obtained with our Solution ►

polizia drone analist group
Guarda il VIDEO sulla sperimentazione avviata con la Polizia Stradale

Immediate Operation

Speed, Accuracy and Maximum Security.

The Analist Group Solution for traffic car accidents allows collision reconstruction officers to take measurements at the scene of a complex accident 1-2 minutes. This tool gives accurate, detailed information for the investigation and lets officers open roads significantly faster. To use the Analist Group technology is a win for the police, as well as motorists. You can create a three-dimensional model of the accident and the surrounding area to use directly on a PC in the processing phase.


Groun-breaking. All police forces have now the highest technology which grants absolute accuracy, high operational speed and maximum security for officers and motorists.

All you need to know about the Solution ►


Watch an accident 3D model obtained with our Solution ►

Download the basic guidelines on how to use the Solution ►

How it works

Take 1 measurement, shoot the photos and it's done!

So how does the Analist Group Solution work? Very simple! Once you arrive on the scene of accident all you have to do is take 1 measurement on the ground. Then you shoot a sequence of photos with a UAV/DRONE ( or other fine Analist Group technology) Done. At this point you can process all the data on your Computer.


The included softwares automatically create a scaled 3D model from the photos. So that you can proceed with all the measurements by simply rotating the model and clicking on two points to take the measures with the highest accuracy.

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Watch an accident 3D model obtained with our Solution ►

Download the basic guidelines on how to use the Solution ►

rilievo incidente drone

Solution Benefits

Why choose the Analist Group Solution.

The Analist Group Testing showed how the new technologies with the use of the DRONE could in the future replace or supplement the traditional reconstruction methods, with indisputable advantages in terms of the implementation of sources of evidence that can be acquired in addition to greatly speeding up the survey and the reconstruction.

Watch an accident 3D model obtained with our Solution ►

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ico 60x60 plus
Drastic reduction accident reconstruction time

The reconstruction of the accident area occurs in only 1-2 minutes Operations are simple and extremely safe for all those involved.

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ico 60x60 plus
Reduction risk for people involved and motorists

The speed in the reconstruction grants a considerble reduction in the risk for the safety of officers at work as well as motorists involved.

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ico 60x60 plus
Roadways promptly opened

Another great advantage is that officers can open roadways within just a few minytes from the accident.

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ico 60x60 plus
Data Acquisition and immediate Documentation

Data Acquisition and immediate documentazion with videos (photographic surveys), planimetric surveys in 2D and 3D with significant implementation of technical details.

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ico 60x60 plus
ZERO error margin

The accuracy obtained is close to ZERO. Our Solution is most precise and reliable.

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Objectivity of the Reconstruction

The new technology provides a tool for all parties involved of absolute objectivity with no margin of error.

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ico 60x60 plus
Extremely low Investment

The complete Solution for traffic car accident reconstruction has a very low cost, accessible to everyone. It includes all the necessary tools from equipment to technology and training on how to use it.

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ico 60x60 plus
Easy to use: perfect Results

The Solution is very easy to use. Once you master the photo shooting technique with the Training course included, carrying out the measurements and generating the report will be most simple.

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ico 60x60 plus
Always available

With the Analist Group Solution tou can generate a three-dimensional digital model which can be used at any time by both parties involved in inestigating the accident. This means that all the measurements are always available on a computer whenever necessary to be used. The data acquired therefore becomes essential and incontestable.

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Current modern Survey Technique

State of the art.

Police Forces use their consolidated car accident reconstruction methodi with triangulations and parallel lines generating a sketch which they subsequently scale (1:100; 1:200).


The completion of these operations lies on the undisputed professionalism of the officers, who use the following tools:

a) a 20m distance metre;
b) a note pad for the sketch;
c) a pencil;
d) chalk;
e) a camera.


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strumenti tradizionali
misure incidenti

Conventional Tecniques

Risks and Issues.

Conventional Techiques determine risks and issues, among the most common:

1. a long period of time to carry out the operations, which cannot always be quantified, and which most of the time, causes a total or partial closure of the accident area;
2. high danger risk for the officers involved in the reconstruction (normally two), with different tasks: one directs the traffic and the other carries out the reconstruction operations;
3. high danger risk for people involved and motorists in the accident area.


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Traffic Accident 3D Model #1

Traffic Accident 3D Model #2

New Techniques

Benefits and Potential.

Today innovative technological resources can be implemented to replace (or supplement) the more tradoitional methods. These resources can ensure a highly improved result, which will be satisfying the needs of the community. All this in full agreement with the new code of crimanal procedure which is based on the acquisition of criminal evidence, abandoning the old inquisitive system.


This to say that in the reconstruction of an accident, at least in the initial investigation phase (which is the most delicate), should be carried out with approved equipment with an objective output.

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All you need to know about the Solution ►

Download the basic guidelines on how to use the Solution ►

rilievo incidenti drone

Absolute Accuracy

Perfect measurements with Analist CLOUD: Accident Reconstruction Software and more...

After shooting photos of the accident area, it is possible to automatically generate orthophotos which can be imported into Analist CLOUD where you can carry out all the measurements with absolute accuracy. You can also create the area 3D model which can be rotated allowing measurements to be taken from any point.

Watch an accident 3D model obtained with our Solution ►

Download the basic guidelines on how to use the Solution ►

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Rilievo misure incidente Analist

Useful Resources

Solution for Traffic Accident Reconstruction.


ico 60x60-PDF
Find out how the Solution for Traffic Accident Reconstruction works
ico 60x60-download
Pix4Dmapper Free Download(DEMO)
ico 60x60-video
Watch the 3D Models (in low resolution) created with our Solution for Traffic Accident Reconstruction


Frequent Questions.

ico Question
How long does it take to reconstruct a Traffic Accident?

1-2 minutes. The time required to acquire the one ground measure and to shoot the photos. All the measurements can be carried out later on from a computer.

ico Question
Which measurements can I process on my computer?

All the measurements you want, from any angle, there are no limits. All you have to do is rotate the 3D model and select two points to obtain the measurements.

ico Question
How many peolpe are required for the reconstruction?

With our solution one human resource is more than enough to carry out the reconstruction. A patrol with two officers manages the accident superbly.

ico Question
What type of data are acquired in the survey?

The area survey involves the acquisition of photos, videos and one ground measurement. The photos and videos can beused to better understand the cuases and the accident dynamics.

ico Question
Is it possible to measure skidmarks on the tarmac?

Yes, it is. Any distance can be taken. all you have to do is select 2 points on the three-dimensional model to measure the skidmark.

ico Question
Can we check the outcome of our reconstruction immediately?

Of course. The software included in our solution generates a report which instantly informs you if the photos acquired are enough to perfectly reconstruct the 3D model of the accident.

ico Question
Is the Solution very expensive?

NO, it isn't. The investment required for the solution is accessible to everyone. Contact us to learn more.

ico Question
Is it hard to learn how to use the Solution?

NO, it isn't. Training is included. We follow you step by step when using the solution. Operations are fast and straight forward. Once you learn the technique it is always the same in all yor surveys. 3 or 4 simulations are more than enough to acquire all the necessary competences. One of the plus sides to our Solution is that it is most simple to use and its result is always perfect in any situation.

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