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Complete UAV Solutions for Precision Farming, Thermographic Inspections and Land Survey

Innovative Software Solutions for Mapping and Constructions.

Analist Group

Analist Group is an Italian Software Company. Specializing in Analist Autodesk based Land Survey Software, OneRay-RT 3D Rendering and Animation SoftwarePix4D Software and DJI UAV platforms, Analist Group provides technology to integrate sensor data into comprehensive user-friendly solutions for applications such as Land Surveying, Thermographic Inspections, Precision Farming, Traffic Accident Investigation & Reconstruction.


With over 80,000 clients worldwide Analist Group provides stat-of-the-art Technologies for Complete Drone Solutions with integrated Software applications for complete workflows. Among the Analist Group Complete UAV Solutions:

  • Themographic Drone Inspections on Solar Farms, Wind Turbines, Electrical Systems and more. Learn more ►

  • Photogrammetric Surveys for orthomosaic and 3D Point Cloud Creation. Learn more ►

  • Smart Farming for NDVI, ENDVI generation. Learn more ►

  • Vehicle Accident Investigation and Reconstruction. Learn more ►

  • 3D Rendering and Animation, Interactive Project Presentation. Learn more ►

Analist Group international


Analist Group is part of a team among leading Companies worldwide
 such as Autodesk, DJI, FLIR, Leica Geosystems, Leica DISTO, Pix4D. Analist Group has enhanced experience and know-how providing customers with the highest technology available.

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Partners Analist Group
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Analist Group Blog

Be continuously updated on news about new Solutions, new Technologies, Sensors, Drones and Softwares for Land Survey, Thermographic and Multispectral Inspections and more.

Read our BLOG news where you can easily find all the information you need.

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Complete UAV Solutions for Precision Farming, Thermographic Inspections and Land Survey


via Aldo Pini, n° 10 - 83100 Avellino Italy
Tel +39 0825 - 680173      Fax +39 0825 - 685339
Email : [email protected]

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