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Analist 2019 CLOUD

The Professional Solution for Land Surveyors.

The Topographic Software for 2D, 3D Land Surveying and 3D Digital Terrain Modeling. It imports data from Total Stations, Land Survey GPS, Lidar, UAV or any other existing collecting data device.

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Advanced Survey Software

Analist 2019 creates Cross Sections and Profiles, Contour Lines and Orthomosaics. Analist, highly performing software, imports data from Ground Total Stations, GPS, Google Earth. Analist 2018 CLOUD is the best tool for generating survey from flights with Drones. It superbly executes point clouds management, aerial imagery processing, survey data management, excavations, cut and fill, and much more. With Analist 2018 you will work with a Professional Autodesk licensed CAD.


Analist 2019 is a stand-alone Topographic Software as well as the essential feature of the Analist Complete Mapping Solution.


Autodesk Partner
Analist Group is Official Partner to Autodesk.
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Topographic Survey Software based on the Autodesk Technology

Analist is a CAD based on the AutoCAD technology it therefore has all the advantages of the Autodesk graphical setting and functions. You can also personalize the interface which can based on the latest Autodesk formats. The CAD features are enriched with specific topographic survey functions.

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Work on your prospects directly in the Point Cloud

Produce Professional Printable maps.

The new Technology based on the Point Cloud from aerial imagery (DRONE) opens up to great new opportunities in terms of execution speed and result accuracy. Whether you are interested in a Building Front estimation or whether you want to trace Cross Sections or Terrain Prospects, now , Analist CLOUD enables you to work at the highest speed with the highest level of accuracy directly on your Point Cloud. Analist CLOUD has been devised to handle huge qunatities of data and for this reason it is the ideal tool for complete management of of the Point Clouds generated following a flight with a DRONE, Laser scanner or other instrumentation with Pix4Dmapper or Autodesk Recap. With Analist CLOUD you can also produce professional Print Layouts which automatically update every time you edit your Project. Power and aesthetics together at last: present your Projects like never before.

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Sezioni e Prospetti su Nuvole di Punti

Do you need a Complete Solution?

Find out our Complete Mapping Solution.

If you need a Complete Mapping Solution, we have the answer.

Find out the Complete Mapping Solution ►

Complete Mapping Solution

INFRAPRO: Professional Thermographic Reports

The new module which generates Reports and detailed Thermal analysis of hot spots on Solar Panels.

Available in the Analist CLOUD latest version: INFRAPRO, the new module for thermographic analysis. The Analist Group Complete Drone Solution for Thermographic Inspections comes as a complete workflow. The Drone with the FLIR camera which captures thermal images, now joins Analist CLOUD with INFRAPRO, able to produce a detailed report of the critical issues with temperatures. Suitable for photovoltaic panel inspection in the identification of Hot Spots, or the single cells with a malfunction or critical issues. 

Learn more about INFRAPRO and Analist CLOUD ►

Analist Survey Software Topographic Functions

Coordinates Transformation 
Survey Data Management 

Digital Land Modelling

Digital Elevation Modelling

Contour Lines

Cross Sections and Profiles
Map Importation from Google Earth

Point Clouds
Cut and Landfill
Cadastral Maps Georeferencing 
DWG and Imagines export on Google Earth
Garmin Surveying (Tracker)

And much more...


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topographic survey software

Topographic Software for Land Surveyors

Analist is the complete Topographic Land Survey Software which enables you to handle Survey and GPS data. With just a few clicks you'll be able to insert control points, contour lines, points from graphics. And not only: you'll be able to import data from all the most widespread topographic instrumentation, total stations as well as GPS for the survey processing.

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topographic survey software

Import all the data you want

Total Stations, GPS, Google Earth, DRONES....

Analist imports all data obtained from Total Stations, Land Survey GPS, DRONES, LIDAR and it is even able to import data directly from Google Earth. In addition to these, Analist can import projects created with other softwares. Unleash your imagination: you'll be able to perform the unthinkable... And what's more, working with imported data has never been so simple and immediate. Still don't believe it? Check it out!

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Data import Analist

Digital Terrain Models

Simply Spectacular.

Start using a high performing Software. Take Digital Terrain Models (DTM) management to the next level with Analist. Analist is the only software which grants endless possibilities with a fast workflow like never before. With the Autodesk technology based CAD included in Analist, you will at last be able to work the fastest, the most professionally and the most accurately ever.

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Analist 2016 Modello 3D Vesuvio

Ready for 3D Printers

New horizons, new Business opportunities.

Have you ever thought of using a 3D Printer? New Analist CLOUD is ready to be used with 3D Printers! Creating digital topographic models suitable for 3D Printers will be most simple. You can now also offer your customers 3D Models: they will be elated!

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Analist 2016 3D stampante

What can you do with Analist?

With Analist you'll be able to create cross sectionswith a simple click. Starting from a topographic survey or a Google Earth digital model you can obtain perfect drawings of Longitudinal Profiles of the land. The creation of 3D surfaces has never been so easy and intuitive.

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topographic survey software

AgroSENSE: advanced multi-spectral analysis

Immediate NDVI for prompt corrective actions.

AgroSENSE is the new Analist CLOUD module that responds to the need for immediate feedback from the field. The response is immediate for the farmer to take action. AgroSENSE provides the NDVI index and automatically generates the Professional Report with a grid with the information on: the analyzed zones, suspicious situations together with the identification of the problematic areas. It is colour coded, clear, simple and immediate.

Find out more about AgroSENSE ►

Agrosense multispectral software

Angles, Areas and Distance measurements in the Point Cloud

New Analist CLOUD Explorer

With the new Analist CLOUD Explorer, in addition to visualizing a Point Cloud in a LAS file format it is now possible to carry out distance, angles and areas measurements extremely easily and carefree. Analist CLOUD Explorer allows you to scale your Point Cloud (.LAS) by simply identifying and providing one measurement only. Thus it is possible to carry out the measurements you wish directly in the Point Cloud.

Do you want to create Point Clouds from your photos? You can do it with Pix4Dmapper!

Analist CLOUD Explorer is the newest function included in Analist 2019 CLOUD.
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Analist CLOUD Explorer

From Land Modelling to Topographic Mapping

Geodetic Transformation, Digital Elevation modelling, Cross Sections, Land Modelling and more.

ico Analist
Coordinate converter.

Analist is the ideal topographic Software for all professionals managing surveys in different coordinate systems such as WGS84, UTM, Cassini Soldner, Gauss Boaga and Rectangular Coordinates, GPS coordinate converter.

ico Analist
High Quality Survey Project.

With Analist your survey will be of the highest quality. It will be extremely simple to insert contours lines, breaklines and contours to create surfaces. The calculation of cross sections with Analist has never been so simple. Starting from a topographic survey or digital Google Earth model you can obtain, with a simple polyline, the horizontal alignment from which you can extract, with one simple click, the Longitudinal Profile of land and of the project.

ico Analist
Perfect Land Modelling. Also in inaccessible areas.

Analist generates triangle models and contour lines with just a few clicks even using GIB data. All results can be exported in OneRay (rendering and enviromental impact software) for 3D visualization. In inaccessible areas, you can directly import the contour plan and the DTM of the interested area. You can also create automatic levelling.

Unique Functions

Analist most important features

Analist CLOUD


Integrated CAD Autodesk licensed CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE

Topography and Land Registry CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Importation data from GPS and Celerimetric Instrumentation CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Celerimetric, GPS and mixed survey management CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Alignment angles measures management CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Control Points Management CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Graphic Stations Insertion CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Measurement creation on existing stations CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Survey Points editing/insertion CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Topographic points management advanced functions CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Linked Codes automatic creation CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Codes and Symbols description CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Rototraslation of Survey on Control Points CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Advanced Coordinate Creation CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Coordinate transformation in different geographic systems CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Topographic Planning
Advanced Functions for Contour Lines Management CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Point Importation from ASCII files CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Ground longitudinal profile automatic drawing CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Cross section development CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Sections project design CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Automatic or manual section positioning on profiles CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Cross Section Dynamic Viewing CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Topographic Profiles Management: calculation, design and dimension CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Surface Section design: TIIN models, points, etc CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Volumes calculation among models CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Cross sections management CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Automatic Terraced Surface Creation CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Importation Land model from Google Earth CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Block Sections automatic insertion CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Cross sections design CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Georeferencing Cadastral Maps (MasterMap) CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Insertion of 3 or more Control points of real coordinates  CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Barycentric georeferencing with margins obtained report CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Google Earth Images or DWG exportation (Remap)  
DWG exportation on Google Earth CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Survey Maps or DWG georeferencing on Google Earth CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Gauss Boaga, UTM and Cassini Soldner coordinates exportation on Google Earth CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
Real Time notice of surveys carried out with Satellite Navigation System (Tracker)  
Georeferencing maps on Garmin CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE
'Coordinates capture' functions for caluculating and saving all Maps coordinates CAD TOPOGRAPHIC SOFTWARE

Useful Resources

Analist: all you need to know.


ico 60x60-ACADEMY
Learn how to use Analist
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Download the Analist Technical Sheet 
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Download Pix4Dmapper Discovery (DEMO)
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Learn about the Analist Complete Mapping Solution

Technical Support

   Phone and Remote Assistance.

Updates and Technical Support
Updates and Technical Support

All up-to-date versions are free for the 12 months after purchase.
One year phone or remote computer technical assistance is FREE and included in the software!

System Requirements
OS Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows Seven 64 bit, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 8.1 64 bit, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Pentium IV, AMD Athlon XP or superior
RAM: 2 GB or superior
CD-ROM reader and mouse
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or superior.


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