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Interior Animation and Rendering

Kitchen interior animation made with OneRay-RT.

Made with OneRay-RT.

Simply Spectacular Animation

Present your Projects like never before.

OneRay-RT is the new software devised for the creation of impressive 3D Animations in real time. The best tool for creating videos, rendering and live demonstrations thanks to its spectacular processing speed. OneRay-RT offers excellent graphics combined to a fast and efficient workflow: so that you will be able to save time and money.

With OneRay-RT you can easily insert external references such as PDF files, links, web contents or any other resource which can be used for Interactive Presentations, Documentation and Training.

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OneRay-RT Tutorial Videos ►

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software tipo lumion 1 
OneRay RT compatible with all CADs

Absolutely perfect with any CAD and BIM Software 

Your Project comes to life.

OneRay-RT has been devised to be completely compatible with your drawings, whatever software you use to make them with. Create your project with Revit, 3DS Max, AllPlan, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, etc.. OneRay-RT imports all obj. format files.

 With OneRay-RT you can import 3D models generated with Pix4Dmapper and recreate new scenarios. Or you can download maps from Google Earth with the in-app module. Limitless possibilities are waiting for you.


Workflow example:

  • Import your .obj Project.

  • Set the environment by inserting plants, trees, grass, etc.

  • Set the sun, the sky, the clouds, the land types, etc.

  • Add light.

  • Add and animate all the objects you want.

  • Create your presentation video!


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OneRay-RT Tutorial Videos ►

Download the OneRay-RT Complete Demo ►

Animation and Rendering for your BIM Process

OneRay-RT has all the features to grant added value to the BIM Project.

Import Tridimensional Models directly from Revit or other software and create your presentation in the most professional way. Enhance your project with natural scenes, trees in the wind, moving vehicles, animated characters and much more.

Import DTMs from Google Earth

Unlimited Power with the awesome new feature.

Now you can import your Digital Terrain Models directly from Google Earth. Then you can add trees, water, roads, grass, houses... and animate your scene! Request information ►

Ge Terrain Revit ONERAY RT

Greatest Power to your Pix4D

Spectacular Animation to your DTM.

Provide animation to your Digital Terrain Models (DTM) created with Pix4Dmapper in just a few minutes. Present your work in a most efficient and professional setting.

Download the OneRay-RT Complete Demo ►

Watch OneRay-RT in action ►


Do you need a Complete Solution?

Find out our Complete Mapping Solution.

If you need a Complete Mapping Solution, we have the answer.

Find out the Complete Mapping Solution ►

Complete Mapping Solution

OneRay-RT Lifestyle

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As fast as lightning

Video and Rendering in no time.

With OneRay-RT you won't have to wait hours, days or weeks anymore to enjoy fascinating and electrifying Renderings. You will produce spectacular HD Videos HD in no time with an absolutely astonishing positive impact on all your customers.

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OneRay-RT Tutorial Videos ►

oneray ipad gold

Dreamlike sceneries and settings 

Your customers will be enthusiastic with your Project. And with you.

With OneRay-RT it will be great to expolit the advantage of a GPU based on a 3D Interface which enables you to edit the scenes in real time. You will bw able to immediately access iper realistic sceneries with moving water, tree branches in the wind, clouds moving, animated objects and people... It is all very simple: you will learn to use OneRay-RT in just a few hours.

OneRay-RT Tutorial Videos ►

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Breathtaking Videos and Renderings

Excite everyone with great impact Renderings and spectacular HD Videos.

Thanks to the vast amount of materials and objects included in the OneRay-RT library you will create breathtaking Renderings in just a few instants. Everything becomes more simple with so many materials of the highest quality such as laminate flooring, parquet, brick walls, many more customizable types of materials with hundreds of ready to use models. Trees which move to the breeze, cars racing down the road, people moving, buildings, urban landscapes and much more.

OneRay-RT Tutorial Videos ►

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OneRay Architectural Software

A Complete Workflow

Analist CLOUD + OneRay-RT + Pix4Dmapper.

OneRay-RT can be used as a stand-alone, but it also magnificiently integrates into our Complete Solution for 3D Survey from photos, it can also be used with Analist CLOUD and/or Pix4Dmapper.

Watch OneRay-RT in action ►

OneRay-RT+Analist+DRONE+Pix4Dmapper: fly with your DRONE, import the photos into Pix4Dmapper and automatically generate your three-dimensional model. Obtain Profiles and Cross Sections with Analist and import your model into OneRay-RT. Add plants, trees, houses, objects, modify the land and perform amazing animation.

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Ideal for Quarries

Spectalur results like never before.

Quarry Survey and Redevelopment represents a great business opportunity. The Complete and definite Solution in 3 easy steps:

1. Generate the 3D model from the photos shot with the DRONE with Pix4Dmapper
2. Import the Point Cloud into Analist CLOUD to create Cross Profiles and Sections, Contour Lines etc.
3. Create real-time animations on your model with OneRay-RT.

Watch the Video ►

Download the OneRay-RT Complete Demo ►

Cava Pix4Dmapper 650


Extraordinary results.

Natural Drawings

Redevelop abandoned quarries, rocky ridges in a rich natural context, with trees, grass, moving vehicles, animated characters, the sky and different land types.

Professional Images and Videos

Create high-fidelity HD Images and impressive high quality Videos very fast and it is extremely simple to master.

Full Integrated Library

Liven up your scenes with a large collection of animated 3D models such as: plants, people, vehicles. 

Customize Land and Materials

Customize the land with hills, mountains, plains, and access an internal Archive of materials to create new landscapes.

Comparison Table

OneRay-RT Lite vs PRO.

Choose between OneRay-RT Lite and OneRay-RT PRO.







Insert Terrain Texture 

Insert/ Remove Grass

Increase Terrain Height




Set Brush Diameter



Time Settings (Night and Day)

Solar Coordinates

Sun Lighting Settings

Fog Settings

Moon Lighting Settings

Nighttime Sky Settings

Climate Settings (Clouds)

Apply Sun Flare Reflex



Apply Materials to Objects

Material Catalogue

Edit Materials

Create new Materials

Apply new Textures to Materials



Camera Animation

Character Animation


Vehicle Animation

Animation Speed Settings

Animation Itinerary Settings



Import Pix4Dmapper Models

Import Obj Models

Importation Settings



Asset Categories

Move / Rotate / Scale / Clone Assets

Single and Multiple Selection

Advanced Settings

SpeedTree Library Included



Point Light and Spot Light

Light Settings (Colour, ray, intensity)

Object Settings (Move/Rotate/Clone)



Save photo (PNG)

Save video (MP4, AVI, FLV, MPG)

Save scenes (ONERT)



Distance Measurement

Object Grid



Video Settings

Global Lighting




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