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Multi-spectral MAPIR Cameras

The accessible solution for Pecision Farming.

The new MAPIR Cameras are the accessible state-of-the-art solution for analysis and optimization of farming processes enhancing yield. MAPIR cameras allow to calculate different vegetative indexes like NDVI, GNDVI and ENDVI.

Multi-spectral compact MAPIR Cameras

6 multi-spectral Cameras for all needs at an accesible price.

The MAPIR cameras are extremely compact and efficient. They are the ideal tool to assess vegetation health condition (NDVI, ENDVI) and optimization of resource distribution. Besides their use in the multi-spectral field the MAPIR cameras can be used for photogrammetric surveys. It is possible to choose between a range of models to better acquire the different spectral bands. The MAPIR cameras are available in the RGB, (Visible), Blue NDVI + NIR, NIR, Red, Green and Blue. 

Visibile Light RGB Mapir
Visibile Light RGB

Ideal for: 2D and 3D maps, plant counting, photogrammetry with Pix4Dmapper.

Data sheet

Blu NDVI + NIR Mapir

Ideal for analysis and control plant health condition, NDVI maps, yield maps, growth monitoring, cultivation identification, biomass analysis.

Data sheet


Ideal for: NDVI and ENDVI comparative analysis, chlorofyll analysis.

Data sheet

Red Spectrum Mapir
Red Spectrum

Ideal for: NDVI health condition analysis of plants.

Data sheet

Green Specrum Mapir
Green Specrum

Ideal for: ENDVI health condition analysis of plants.

Data sheet

Blu Spectrum Mapir
Blu Spectrum

Camera to use with red and green spectrum for RGB images.

Data sheet

What MAPIR camera to choose?

Learn everything about the ideal combination for your specific needs.

MAPIR cameras can be combined to calculate various indexes and use a wider and more precise spectral band. Select the cameras which best achieve the results you want.

NDVI Index

The NDVI is the vegetation index most used and known. This index is correlated to photosynthetic activities, allowing you to determine the cultivation health status. The NDVI value varies from -1 to +1. A positive value indicates a good state of health. Conversely, a negative value indicates a poor state of health that can mean drought or parasites. To calculate NDVI you can use two formulas, the first with the red spectrum, the second with the blue spectrum.

mapir ndvi formula


NDVI with single camera

fp ndvi grande

NDVI with two cameras

mapir camera nir camera red
NIR Camera + RED Camera
mapir camera nir camera blue
NIR Camera + BLUE Camera
mapir camera nir camera rgb
NIR Camera + RGB Camera


The GNDVI vegetation index is very useful to determine the presence of water, moisture and the absorption of nitrogen. The value GNDVI varies from -1 to +1. To calculate GNDVI we need the NIR spectrum and the spectrum green.

mapir gndvi formula


GNDVI with two cameras

mapir camera nir camera green
NIR Camera + GREEN Camera
mapir camera nir camera rgb
NIR Camera + RGB Camera


The ENDVI (Enhanced Normalized Difference Vegetation) has been recently introduced to obtain more detailed and precise information compared to the NDVI index. The use of 3 spectra (NIR, blue and green) allows for greater accuracy in assessing the health of the vegetation. The ENDVI value varies from -1 to 1, as in the case of the NDVI.

mapir endvi formula


ENDVI with two cameras

mapir camera nir camera rgb
NIR cameras + RGB Camera 


ENDVI with 3 cameras

mapir camera nir camera blue camera red

Other vegetation indexes

With the MAPIR cameras you can calculate many vegetation indexes. All you have to do is choose the ideal camera to capture spectra of the color you need to apply the formula.You can, for example, calculate the CVI, DVI, EVI, NG indexes and many more.



The MAPIR bracket for DJI Phantom Drones

Already have a DJI Phantom and you would like to use it with MAPIR Precision Farming? b-mobile is the solution for you. With this bracket you can mount up to two MAPIR cameras, without the need to disassemble or modify your drone. This way you will have all the advantages of the MAPIR cameras, without affecting the security and reliability of your aircraft.

Learn about b-mobile mount ►

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