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Construction site and building maintenance participatory and efficient management

In one word: MatterCheck

The new era of Facility Management starts here.


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What is MatterCheck?

MatterCheck is the technology that allows for the most productive and efficient management of Construction Site and Building Maintenance workflows.


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Enter the MatterCheck universe

Total control. Skyrocketing productivity.

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Import the Digital Twin, created by Matterport, the Floor Plan or the Digital Map

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Insert information about the interventions in your space and create the Tickets to plan Activities

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Manage everything remotely and monitor the progress of the work thanks to the Check-Lists

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A link is all you need to share the Project with your Work Team and show the interventions



Work as if you were there

Create the Digital Model of the Construction Site or Property, enter information with added value: access the MatterCheck dimension.

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With Matterport you can generate hyper-realistic Digital Tours to plan interventions as if you were on the spot

mattercheck img mini 02

You can also import Floor Plans and Digital Maps to identify and define the activities to be carried out


Insert value-added information to document and define interventions

Check Activities and Performances in real time

It is the ideal tool to monitor the Tickets for the performance of the Activities in real time.

You can plan and inspect the Activities through the Work Diagram in which tasks and deadlines are formalized: MatterCheck allows the employee to define the outcome of the Activities assigned to him by offering the Administrator the possibility of total control.