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You Scan Matterport Processes

and Analist Measures

Make Matterport + Analist 2022 your choice

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With Analist 2022 you can produce the most accurate DWG plan ever seen.
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With AnalistPhoto use the ability of the high resolution Aspheric Matterport camera to capture high resolution photos and correct them to vectorize elevations.

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From the Point Cloud to Technical Drawing

Get the most from your point cloud.

The New Analist 2022 Features enable you to generate technical drawings and other docs with ease and accuracy.


Matterport Camera per il rilievo di interni

The Matterport Solution

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Watch the case uses.

You can use Matterport for any type of survey in any condition. Watch the results.

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Matterport Experience.

Read the outstanding experiences from professionals who use Matterport for their projects.

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Does Matterport carry out scanning, one-way or 360° photography?

The camera performs 360 ° photos and scans thanks to the built-in 3D precision sensor in order to obtain accurate measurements. Look!

Is it necessary to perform manual alignment?

Matterport manages the alignment of the stations automatically. An adequate overlap between one station and the next should be guaranteed. Normally, the recommended maximum distance is about 4 meters but in correspondence with the doors it is advisable to position the camera in the middle between the two rooms. This takes a few more stations (about 10 seconds). If there is no alignment, the MatterportCapture App signals the problem and all is required is to move the camera for a more suitable positioning.

How can I improve the quality of the alignment?

This article explains the assisted alignment procedure in detail.

What is the measurement range?

The acquisition is by project. Technically, there isn’t a definite limit. Matterport suggests keeping the maximum number of stations per project within 200 acquisitions. For larger acquisitions simply create multiple projects. It is important that the 'positioning' of the scanning stations is within a radius of 4 meters. This allows for an exceptionally realistic representation of the design and a high measurement quality.

Does the restitution of the point occur automatically?

Yes. The generation of the cloud occurs automatically by requesting the MatterPack that contains the cloud in color xyz format which is imported into ReCap and into all programs to read the free format. This way it is possible to extract floor plans and sections in Analist.

Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations, how are they generated?

The Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations are generated Analist CLOUD software with the Autodesk technology inside. See how >

What is the maximum number of "scans or photos" for a single project?

The suggested maximum number of scans is 200, for larger projects just create more projects.

What are the output formats of the acquired data?

The output formats are both photos and scans: 2D Snapshots, 360º Photosphere, MP4 or GIF Schematic Floor Plans, OBJ File, Point Cloud.

What is the range of the Matterport Pro2?

The Matterport Pro2 camera does not use Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi connection has a range of about 10-12 meters. This distance allows the operator to find a location in the shooting phase so as not to be filmed during acquisition. To optimize the transfer speed, it is suggested to approach the camera after about 10 seconds of acquisition in order to allow rapid transfer and alignment and move on to the next station.

How big can a Matterport space be?

Big. From 900 m² to up to 4500 m² for empty spaces. The interesting aspect is the speed of acquisition and consequently the productivity at an extremely low cost.

In the case of dark spaces, does the area need to be illuminated?

The Matterport Pro2 3D is a scanner and an ultra-defined camera. If there is little light, just illuminate the darkest point and move the light source and the camera each time.

Does the instrumental height of the Matterport, between one station and the next, need to be kept constant?

The Matterport Pro 2 3D camera is essentially a scanner. It can be placed at arbitrary heights for each acquisition.

What kind of tolerance is guaranteed on a measurement, such as the width of a door?

The Matterport camera technology allows you to generate 3D files faithful to reality and floor plans with millimeter precision.

If I need to take over an entire condominium, does the connection via the stair case work? Is there a 'dimensional' capacity limit or do I have to survey floor by floor?

It is possible to detect condo with no limit of dimensional capacity. See how >

Is it possible to generate dwg / dxf files and how long is the project available on the Matterport Cloud?

The project is available as long as the subscription is active. If it is interrupted and subsequently restored, the projects are restored too. In Analist 2022 a function has been added to load SVG files and obtain the plan and 3D representation. Watch the video 

To what extent is it suitable for the external survey?

The Matterport Pro2 3D camera is designed for scanning interior spaces. To use camera for outdoor spaces it is necessary to reduce the distance to maintain good alignment. If the scans are not aligned, delete them and try again. With Analist, a feature has been added that allows you to use Matterport externally.

Specifiche Tecniche | Pro2 3D Camera


Rilevamento 3D

Sensore 3D a luce strutturata (infrarossi)

Tempo di acquisizione di 20 secondi per scansione/sweep

99% di precisione all'interno dell'intervallo

Portata massima di 15 piedi (4,5 m)

Registrazione dati 3D: automatica

Risoluzione profondità: 10 punti per grado (3600 punti all'equatore, 1800 punti al meridiano, circa 4 milioni di punti per panoramica)


Output Pano Pixel: 134,2 MP, equirettangolare

Esporta immagini fino a 8092px x 4552px

Obiettivo: 4K Full Glass

Campo visivo 360° (sinistra-destra) x 300° (verticale)


Custodia in plastica nera con struttura resistente

Prodotto negli Stati Uniti

Dimensioni: 9.0" H, 10.25" W, 4.38" D (230 x 260 x 110 mm)

Peso: 7,5 libbre (3,4 kg)

Colore nero


WiFi per trasferire i dati dalla fotocamera al dispositivo iOS tramite l'app Capture

Wi-Fi 802.11 n/ac 5 Ghz


Batteria agli ioni di litio

Può eseguire la scansione per 8 ore con una sola carica

Tempo di ricarica di 4,5 ore