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Photovoltaic Panel Inspection with the DRONE

The INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 Solution.

It includes the DJI Matrice 100 DRONE, the DJI Zenmuse X3 and Zenmuse XT Infrared Radiometric Thermal Camera.

Photovoltaic Panel DRONE Inspections

INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640: the Definite Solution

Photovoltaic Panel Inspections, especially large extended areas, can result in complex and lengthy operations. Now we can fly over a Solar Farm with a DRONE and carry out immediate and most accurate activities. With the INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 Solution it is possible to successfully carry out Thermal Inspections and obtain a huge quantity of relevant data with one flight only.

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Drone Ispezioni Termiche

The INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 Solution includes:

UAV, RGB + IR Cameras and Software. All integrated.

The Solution includes:

DJI Matrice 100 tested and ready-to-fly DRONE (dual battery configuration)
DJI Zenmuse X3 camera with dedicated gimbal
Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera with dedicated Gimbal
Drone remote controller
Added Battery Compartment
6x Propellers + accessories
2x Batteries
Analist CLOUD Subscription Software (1 year)
Pix4Dmapper (1 month).

Download the Solution Technical Sheet ►


INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640

Stability, Power and Safety.

INFRAPRO: Professional Thermographic Reports

The new module which generates Reports and detailed Thermal analysis of hot spots on Solar Panels.

Available in the Analist CLOUD latest version: INFRAPRO, the new module for thermographic analysis. The Complete Drone Solution for Thermographic Inspections comes as a complete workflow. The Drone with the FLIR camera which captures thermal images, now joins Analist CLOUD with INFRAPRO, able to produce a detailed report of the critical issues with temperatures. Suitable for photovoltaic panel inspection in the identification of Hot Spots, or the single cells with a malfunction or critical issues. .

Learn more about INFRAPRO and Analist CLOUD ►

Stable and Complete

Simple to fly.

The Matrice 100 represents a versatile and safe choice: it is ready-to-fly, stable and simple to fly. It includes the flight control, propulsion system, GPS, DJI Lightbridge,
dedicated remote controller and a rechargeable battery. The great davantage of the Matrice 100 is the possibility for it to be used for many operations: all you have to do is change the sensor mounted on board the Drone in only one click.


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Download the Solution Technical Sheet ►


Dual Battery

30 minute flight time.

Add the extra battery compartment and you will get up to 30 minute flight time. This feature provides  extra power to your platform as well as to all the other devices and accessories mounted on the UAV. The dual battery is an essential feature as it allows for actions impossible with only one battery; and to top it off you can fly more safely. You must bare in mind that flight time is influenced by weather conditions and payload.


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Download the Solution Technical Sheet ►

IR + RGB Orthomosaic

With Analist CLOUD and Pix4Dmapper.

Thermal Orthomosaic + RGB Orthomosaic

Always Perfect Results.

The INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 is able to attain the thermal orthomosaic as well as the RGB. The greatest advantage is to have all the necessary information in hand to carry out thermal inspections and visual inspections, for example you can see if there is weed obstructing the panels.


Real Case Application - Solar Panel Inspection (IR+RGB Orthophoto) ►


Learn more about Analist CLOUD ►

Learn more about Pix4Dmapper ►

Download the Solution Technical Sheet ►

Software pannelli fotovoltaici

Identify the hot spots with the utmost accuracy

Generate your Orthophotos for a perfect match.

The Orthophotos provide the exact condition of the Solar farmand help identify the panels with crtical issues.

Matrice 100 distance controller

Highly performing Radio controller 

Control your Matrice 100 from 5 Km away.

The Matrice 100 is equipped with a control system by the extraordinary performance features. The radius reaches up to a 5 km distance and allows you to fly the aircraft in total safety and stability following your flight on your PC, tablet or your mobile device. You will have all the parameters in hand: from altitude to battery life and so on.


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Unique stable flight experience.

How to fly a DJI Matrice 100? Simple, with the DJI Go APP: a unique stability experience, the FREE APP (for both iOs and Android) developed directly by DJI. And what's morr, you can dvelop your own flight APP thanks to the SDK which DJI provides.

Flying a Drone has never been sosafe, easy and exciting!


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Matrice 100 DJI Go APP

Choose the Best, choose INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640

Point Clouds, Contour Lines

Profiles, Sections, Plano-altimetric Surveys.

The (IR + RGB) orthophoto geneartion is automatic with Pix4Dmapper and Analist CLOUD. Pix4Dmapper generates Point Clouds, RGB and IR Ortophotos directly from photos and videos from your flight. With Analist it is possible to iport these Point Clouds and carry out Vertical and horizontal planimetric surveys, measure aereas and surfaces, distances, volumes and create contour lines, cross profiles and cross sections.

Learn more about Analist CLOUD ►

Learn more about Pix4Dmapper ►

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Software Ortofoto Termografica

On board Cameras

Highest Quality and Technology.

The Solution includes the RGB Zenmuse X3 Camera and the Zenmuse XT radiometric Thermal Camera. The Zenmuse XT is equipped with a dedicated gimbal and a FLIR Thermal camera. It's perfect not only for solar farm panels but also for other types of thermal analysis.

With the RGB X3 camera, with its dedicated gimbal you can take photos and record 4k videos, it can be used for visual surveys and orthomosaic generation.

Download the Solution Technical Sheet ►

INFRAPRO 100 XT Cameras

INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640: all the advantages

The Complete and Professional Solution.


Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
RGB and IR Orthophoto with Analist and Pix4Dmapper Softwares

With the INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 you can acquire the IR and the RGB Orthomosaic. The greatest advantage is that you have all the necessary data to carry out thermal inspections as well visible inspections, such as for example the identification vegetation which obstructs one or more solar panels. The generation of the orthomosaic is automatic and direct with Pix4Dmapper and Analist. Request more information ►

Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
Immediate Orthomosaic processing on the spot

Thee orthomosaic is generated rapidly immediately after the flight. This enable the use to immediately identify the critical panels providing the analysis of the entire farm. The generation of the orthomosaic nedds for no specific skills thanks to Pix4Dmapper and Analist. Request more Inforamtion ►

Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
Difference between INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 and traditional techniques in terms of time/cost

Thermal Drone Inspections allow for time and cost saving with the benefit of the highest accuracy results. For a 2 hectares, 1 Megawatt farm 1 hour and 30 minutes are required with a Drone compared to the 2 days required with traditional methods. (30 minutes for the flights and 1 hour for the post-processing). Request more Information ►

Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
Automatic Flight Plan

The solution includes (if required) the whole software part and APP for the generation of the orthophoto and the creation of automatic flight plans. This way even the uninitiated will become autonomous and expert in no time without the need to undergo long and expensive training courses. Our solution is designed to help companies rapidly form new specialists and to be autonomous in dealing rapidly and succesfully all those specialized operations for the thermal and visual inspections. Request more Information ►

Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
Cameras: Zenmuse XT R and X3

The solution includes an X3 RGB Camera and a Zenmuse XT R Thermal Camera. Both are provided with dedicated gimbals. The X3 Camera, with dedicated gimbal, enables for pictures and videos in 4k high definition and it can be used for visual inspections, photos, videos and also for the RGB orthophoto generation.  Request more Information ►

Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
Speed in data acquisition

The INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 is three times faster during the acquisition of the RGB and IR because it uses frames from videos and not pictures. The acquisition from video, in fact, allows to reduce the times of acquisition and data processing, speeding up all the operations performed on site. The acquisition of the data to photos, instead, would require a slower flight, with consequent lengthening of the times and for the operations costs. Request Information ►

Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
Wind Turbine and Solar Panels

Generally speaking solar farms are highly exposed to currents. This depends on their geographical location, but also on the fact that not having vegetation that can shield them from the currents. In these conditions it is important to have a highly efficient and safe aircraft like the DJI Matrice 100. Only with a reliable aircraft it is possible to complete the mission successfully. It is impossible to get consistent and usable data and with blurry images and unstable videos. Request more information ►

Ispezioni Pannelli Fotovoltaici con DRONE
Point Clouds and plano-altimetric measurements with Analist

The generation of orthophotos ( RGB + IR ) is automatic thanks to Pix4Dmapper and Analsit CLOUD. Pix4Dmapper generates Point Clouds, RGB and IR orthophotos automatically from photos or video . With Analist CLOUD you can import Point Clouds and carry out plano - altimetric surveys, areas, distances,  volumes and obtain contour lines, profiles and cross sections. Request more Information ►

Why choose INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640

Safe, Solid, Complete... Insuperable.

Matrice 100 vantaggi


Matrice 100 drone versatile

The Matrice 100 is a super versatile aircraft: it is possible to mount thermal cameras ( IR ), multispectral and high -definition cameras to it. Easy to replace them with one simple move! Spectacular .

Matrice 100 facile da usare
Easy to use

The Drone has numerous technologies including GPS and gyroscope which make it extremely easy to use and also suitable for inexperienced pilots.

Batteria a lunga durata
Extended flight time

INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 is equipped with 2 LiPo batteries for an extended flight time up to 30 minutes, to ensure continuity!

ico ready to fly matrice
Ready to fly

INFRAPRO 100 - XT R 640 is complete and ready to fly out of the box. Mount the propellers, turn on your radio controller ad take off!

ico speed matrice
Extraordinarily fast

 The Matrice 100 is able to fly at a maximum speed of 22 m / s ( ACTS mode ) and 17 m / s ( in GPS mode )

ico home matrice

With a simple command, the Drone will automatically return to take off point and land safely. A great help in many situations which require automatism.

ico safe matrice
Maximum safety and security

The Matrice 100 is robust and reliable and can be operated by anyone, because it was designed to be Safe in any situation.

ico controller matrice
Up to 5 km Distance

The remote control supplied has a maximum range of 5 km for FCC and 3.5 Km standards to CE standards. Incredible and super safe: you never lose control.

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