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The Complete Solution for 3D Modeling

Extraordinary 3D Precision Model Reconstruction Technology.

3D Precision Model Reconstruction, Numerical control machines Mesh generation, Ideal statues and facade surveys and reconstruction, Suitable for marble, wood, synthetic materials and buildings.


Buy Now only € 1.859


3D Reconstruction Bench.

Shoot a sequence of frames around the object; Take a series of points on the object with the Leica DISTO S910; Get the 3D Model and the Mesh for numerical control machines automatically with Pix4Dmapper; Learn about the workflow and the techniques with the Training Course included.

Look at the generated 3D solution (low resolution)


3D Reconstruction Window of a Churchench.

Look at the generated 3D solution (low resolution)


Reconstruction and Animation 3D Model of a Statue

Look at the generated 3D solution (low resolution)


The Solution includes:

Leica DISTO S910 Pack + Pix4Dmapper 1 month + Training Course.


Buy Now only € 1.859


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