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Complete Topography Solution

CHC i80 GPS + DJI Drone + Software

What you get: CHC i80 GPS + Drone + Analist CLOUD surveying software + Pix4D + OneRay-RT.

CHC i80 Topographic GPS

Make your work more efficient.

CHC i80 GPS Topografia

The Complete Solution for Topography

It includes: Drone, Topographic GPS and Software.

The Solution is ideal for the Topographer in search of the highest quality processing, speed and precision. Thanks to the use of DRONE in Topography, it is also possible to detect large areas in no time and enable professionals to access new job opportunities. Time reduction and accuracy of the results are ensured with our Complete Solution.

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sol topografia oneray pix anafi

New, high precision Topographic GPS

CHC i80: The Excellence of Topographic GPS.

The i80 is the evolution of the latest technology available today. It allows to bind to five constellations, over 220 channels. The i80 is really very compact with dual replaceable battery, which guarantees to work long on the field. The built-in modem provides RTK corrections and transfers data over WiFi to nearby devices. Hotspot functionality also allows connectivity and configuration through any device that supports a browser. The top CHH UHF radio technology gives users an increase of 25%, even when blended and matched to non-CHC radio.


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GPS topography software cad

Automatic functionality

Simple to use: everything is intuitive and quick.

The easy-to-use LCD interface allows you to perform many receiver configuration operations without the help of an external device. Operations such as static recording, AutoBase, AutoRover, UHF configuration, and GSM setup can be easily performed via the front LCD panel.

CHC is now known around the world for its innovative, robust and reliable products. The i80 is made of a magnesium frame, doubled sealed gaskets and secure connectors. This complies with the IP67 protection that guarantees exceptional performance even in critical areas of use. The i80 is also able to withstand long periods of high vibration.

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GPS topography
topography software cad

Open to Global Standards

Interacts with standard worldwide reference systems.

The CHC i80 receiver is supported by all the most popular third-party software. The i80 supports industry standards and proprietary protocols that allow you to easily migrate all data without any problems. The i80 is designed to be open, productive and effective. It seemlessly integrates with Analist CLOUD.

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rilievo topografico drone

Parrot ANAFI

The high precision survey Drone.

Complete with everything, perfect for Aerial Photogrammetry, Super Reliable.


Pix4Dmapper - 1 month License

The world's best selling photogrammetric software.

Pix4Dmapper is the ultimate solution for converting your aerial and ground images to orthomosaics, 3D models and detailed dot clouds. You can also process thermographic images and multispectral sensors for calculating indexes.


Create a new project, add your own images and click on the processing button. Nothing is easier.

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Pix4Dmapper: all you need to know >

Pix4D - Drone Photogrammetry Software for Desktop + Cloud + Mobile

Accurate and All in One

Pix4Dmapper enables you to process images from any sensor

Analist CLOUD

Top Level Topography Software

The new ANALIST CLOUD Software Topography and Land Survey carries out Profiles, Sections, Contour lines, Orthophotos, and so on. With impressive graphics quality. Analist is the ideal solution for the Topographer in search of the highest image quality, precision and processing speed of his projects. Analist reads all data recorded with Total Stations and / or Topographic GPS and is ready to be used with DRONE and Point Cloud technology.

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Analist CLOUD: all you need to know >

3D model of a quarry from Drone, Pix4Dmapper and Analist ►

Analist 2020 dvd cava

The Most EVOLUTE Software for DRONE Survey

Analist CLOUD manages all Point Clouds in a complete and professional manner.

New OneRay-RT

Real Time 3D Animation and Rendering.

OneRay-RT is the new software for creating 3D animations and rendering in real time. The ultimate in creating video, rendering and live demonstrations thanks to its spectacular processing speed.

With OneRay-RT you can create your own scenario and animate it from scratch, or you can import your Projects and create animations in one click. OneRay-RT offers excellent graphics combined with a fast and efficient workflow: you can save time, effort and money.

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OneRay RT: all you need to know >

OneRay RT

Animations and Rendering for your BIM

Great Impact Rendering and Spectacular HD Videos.


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