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Analist 2018 CLOUD Subscription 

Land Survey Software powered by Autodesk technology.

Save your money with the Subscription

Move to the Subscription version with all the functionalities and potential of the perpetual license.

The subscription is the option which grants full functionalities for a 12 month period. This will allow you to satisfy all your business and budgeting needs.  With the 12 month option you save money on your long term needs. A whole load of benefits among which the access to the latest versions of the software with its upgrades.

The offer includes, if you purchase now, the FREE access to Pix4Specialist which will allow you to improve your skills when using the software.

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Analist Topografia 2018

New, extraordinary functions

The new Analist 2018 CLOUD is state-of-the-art.

Land Survey, from Point Cloud, Architecture internal design survey, Architecture survey on Point Clouds, Prospects from Point Clouds, NDVI generation in Precision Farming, Drawing from Google Earth, massive Orthomosaic geolocation, Level Curves from DSM. Choose a highly performing Software. Choose Analist today.

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Analist Survey Software Resources

Simplified Unique Experience

Become part of Analist and with no initial investment you will have the most suitable solution for your Software requirements and your budget.


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Always Updated

All you need, when you need it and where you need it.

The Subscription has a 12 month validity and allows you immediate access to the software latest versions and to the most recent software upgrades.The sibscription model grants you all updates and protects your investments.

Note: The non-renewal of the subscription includes the deactivation of the license.

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Sezioni su Nuvola di Punti

Training and Support

Analist Senior Support Specialists.

The subscription guarantees immediate access to our Platforms for Training and the optimal usage of the advanced software functions. You will also have assistance and technical support for the entire subscription time. The subscription experience is simple and user friendly, with low access cost and the possibility to pay for the most suitable products for your line of work.

Don't miss the offer: purchase your subscription model now and with no additional cost you will access the Pix4Specialist Platform where you will enhance your competence and access training contents on the most required topics.

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 Extraordinary and Professional

The minimum cost for the Software 

Thanks to a flexible payment approach, the Subscription enalble you to use the same complete Analist perpetual function packet for the 12 month period.  Purchase your Subscription now ►

Agrosense multispectral software


Frequently Asked Questions


How does the Subscription work?

You pay for the period of time established which is 365 days. At the end of which the license expires and must be renewd in order to keep using the software.

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How does pricing change?

The Subscription offers an acccess price which is much lower and flexible in addition to a wide range of tools. Analist Group's mission is to keep renewing and enhancing the subscription products as well as semplifying and their distribution and management.

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How does the Software change?

Thanks to the flexible payment approach, the Subscription enables to use the the software in its entirety, with all the functions you would find in the Analist CLOUD perpetual license, at the same time sempliying the budget management for the software. 

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