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With the most evolute piloting system ever seen with its unique highly customizable feature, the new Matrice 100 is ideal for Photogrammetry with Pix4Dmapper, for Land Surveying with Analist 2017, for Archaeology, for Thermographic Inspections, for Precision Farming, and for Architecture ...


Highest quality and superior performance

The future of Drone flying is HERE! The new DJI Matrice 100 quadcopter is equipped with an extremely safe and reliable state-of-the-art piloting system, conceived to be totally and utterly customizable to meet any professional's working project needs. Customize your Matrice 100 and become successful and most competitive in the Photogrammetry, Archaeology, Thermography, Precision Farming, Advertising and Entertainment fields. Contact us for more information for your tailor-made Matrice 100.

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  • MATRICE 100 MIX 04
  • MATRICE 100 MIX 05
  • MATRICE 100 MIX 06

Highly customizable and extremely versatile

One UAV, limitless uses.

The Matrice 100 extreme versatility and customization make this Drone unparalleled. Matrice 100 is the only Drone with such a possibility to be customized to fit all professional requirements in addition to operating highest quality, safety and relaibility in any situation. The new Matrice 100 is succesfully implemented by professionals operating in sectors such as Photogrammetry, Land Survey, Architectonic Surveys and Reconstructions, Landscape Surveying, Archaelogy, Precision Farming and more... Request your Matrice 100 with unique features now!

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Matrice 100 ENG cameras

DJI Matrice 100: 1 Drone, so many uses

Easy to operate, Stable, Versatile and Safe.

Stable and Complete

Exactly how you imagined it!

The new DJI Matrice 100 represents the most versatile and safest choice you could make: ready-to-fly, stable and easy to fly. It includes flight controller, propulsion system, GPS, DJI Lightbridge, radio control and rechargeable battery. The highest advantage is the possibility to use it in many diffrent industries: all you have to do is switch the camera.


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Dual Battery

Up to 40 minute Flight time.

By adding a supplementary battery compartment you can reach up to a 40 minute flight time, granting more power to all devices and accessories you are flying with. Two batteries are an essential resource as they allow precious time for operations which would not be viable operating on one battery in addition to flying more safely and with more ease and tranquility. Bare in mind that flight times can vary depending on weather conditions and payload.


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Wind Turbine Inspections

Perfect for visual and thermogarphic inspections.

Aerial Thermogaphy with the Matrice 100

Mount a FLIR TAU 2 Thermal Camera.

Are you interested in carrying out Thermographic inspections with a DRONE? With the Matrice 100 it is now possible! Easy to assemble on board the UAV, the infrared FLIR TAU 2 with solid, light and stable Gimbal image stabilizer. The carbon fiber frame and the rubber suspension system allow the gimbal to absorb any fluctuation or vibration. The Gimbal is able to offer maximum security in terms of image quality. Thanks to the above and many other features the TAU 2 Gimbal stabilizer is the best choice for all those professionals seeking a high level product.


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Matrice 100 Technical Details ►

Matrice 100 FLIR

Matrice 100 with FLIR Thermal cameras

Thermographic Inspections like never before.

Power Line Inspections, Solar Panel Inspections, Research and Rescue, Precision Farming and Fire Inspection.

Matrice 100 distance controller

Highly performing Radio Controller

Be in control from a 5 Km distance.

The Matrice 100 is equipped with an extraordinary high performance radio control system. The control range is up to a 5 km distance from the Drone. You can fly the Matrice 100 in total safety and stability, view your flght on your Tablet device or your mobile phone and in addition to having relevant information on all flight parameters, battery level and height always available.


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Matrice 100 Technical Details ►

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DJI Go APP included

Extraordinary and safe flight experience.

Want to know how to fly a Matrice 100 Drone? Most simple, with the DJI Go APP: an adrenalinic and extremely safe flight experience with the FREE APP (both for iOs as well as Android) directly developed and powered by DJI. And what's more, you can plan your flight APP with the SDK tools which DJI provides!

Flying has never been so safe, simple and electrifying. 

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Matrice 100 Tecnical Details ►

Matrice 100 DJI Go APP

Ideal for Precision Farming

Matrice 100 with TETRACAM

Multi-spectral Camera for Precision Farming.

The Matrice 100 Drone can mount a Tetracam Multi-spectral Camera which is specifically ideal for Precision Farming. The TETRACAM camera is a peak professional choice for the achievement of the highest quality data in terms of spectral bands detected. In addition, the TETRACAM camera is a Global Shutter: able to acquire the whole frame at once allowing perfect images with absolutely no blur effect also flying at high speeds. Huge data acquisition therefore becomes simple and fast with high accuracy and no blurriness.

Learn about the difference between Global and Rolling Shutter ►

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  • Matrice Tetracam 1
  • Matrice Tetracam 7
  • Matrice Tetracam 12

Why choose Matrice 100

Versatile, Safe, Compact... Insuperable.

Matrice 100 vantaggi


Matrice 100 drone versatile

The Matrice 100 is an extremely versatile UAV: it can mount thermal cameras (IR), multi-spectral and high definition cameras. Easy to replace with one touch. Spectacular!

Matrice 100 facile da usare
Simple to use.

The Drone is equipped with a number of technologies among which GPS and gyroscope which make it extremely simple to use an suitable for novice flyers.

Batteria a lunga durata
Extended flight time

The Matrice 100 can load two LiPo long life batteries which grant up to a 40 minute continuous flight time.

ico ready to fly matrice

The Matrice 100  is complete and ready-to-fly straight out of the box. Mount the propellers, turn on the radio control and away you go! With Matrice 100 you are always ready to fly!

ico speed matrice

The Matrice 100 is able to fly at 22 m/s (in ATTI mode) and 17 m/s (in GPS mode).

ico home matrice

With one simple comand the Drone flies back to take off point in all safety. Great feature in any situation.

ico safe matrice
Maximum security

The Matrice 100 is robust and reliable. It can be operated by novice flyers as it is extremely safe in any situation.

ico controller matrice
Long range Control

An opearting distance up to 5km with the he radio control included in the Matrice 100. Distance up to 5 km for the standard FCC and 3,5 Km for the standard CE. Incredible and safe: you will never lose control!

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